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Detailed Course Contents:

  1. What is Data Ware House?

  2. What is ETL?

  3. Difference between OLTP and Data Warehousing

  4. Data Extraction

  5. Data Transformation

  6. Data Loading

  7. Data Marts

  8. Introduction to ETL testing, life cycle of ETL Testing, database concepts, ETL in Business Intelligence, understanding the difference between OLTP and OLAP, data warehousing.

  9. Introduction to RDBMS, Relational database concepts, distinction between database and data warehousing testing, integrity constraint

  10. ETL Testing Scenarios (Hands-on)

  11. Bug Identification

  12. Usage of Sql for automating the process

  13. Auditing count of records

  14. Validation of data and identifying issues

  15. Meta Data

  16. Performance Testing (ETL, Query)

  17. Volume Testing

  18. Reports and Cube Testing, scope of Business Intelligence Testing.

  19. The data warehouse workflow, ETL Testing scenarios, ETL Mapping, Data Warehouse Testing, Data Mismatch & Data Loss Testing.

  20. Introduction to various testing scenarios, structure validation, constraint validation, data correctness, completeness, quality, data validation, negative testing.

  21. Using SQL for checking data, understanding database structure, working with SQL Script

  22. Detailed Project handson(end to end testing demo)   



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