Go Europe Model

As part of Global Placements, Global Next Generation Automation Team running "Go Europe" Model which helps QA to find job opportunities across multiple locations in Europe like United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Poland and many other countries part of Europe Continent

Complimentary  NGA  Book Bank & Resume Upgrade and Cover letter preparation guidelines for every   1 Year and  6  months   registration

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1 Year Support: (20% Discount)

Original Price: 14999 INR

Offered price: 11999 INR

6 Months Support: (30% Discount)

Original Price: 9999 INR

Offered Price: 6999 INR

3 Months Support: (New Launch)

Offered Price: 3999 INR

How Go Europe Model works for betterment of QA?
Phase 1: Selection & Registration
Resume Sharing
Resume Screening

Candidate send updated resume to Global NG Automation Team

Email: placements@nextgenerationautomation.com

Global Next Generation team do resume screening and check eligibility as per Go Europe requirements 

Registration Payment

Shortlisted candidates get registered after paying registration fees as per prevailing rates at time of registration. Current Fees 14999 INR for 1 Year Support & 9999 INR for 6 Months Support. Payment link above.

Phase 2: Resume / Cover Letter Upgrade and Skills Enhancement
Resume / Cover Letter Upgrade

Your resume will compare with resumes having 100% success at overseas. Any deviations will be recorded and update you. All required changes needs to be applied before moving next stage

Skills Enhancement

Skills enhancement as per available Job Openings. Book Bank free subscription for 1 year support members and free blogs view for all members to gain automation knowledge as per overseas need.

Phase 3: Mock Interviews 
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

Mock Interviews help you understand real interview questions and very much helpful before appearing for real interview. As per your expertise, Questions will be asked from NG Automation Academy Experts.

Any deviations in the skills corrected and performance score will be shared.

Less performance score triggers Skills Enhancement phase

Final Evaluation before your resume gets shared as per networking channels developed by Global Next Generation Automation team.

Phase 4: Resume sharing and Scheduling interviews
Resume Sharing

Increase visibility of Resume sharing across:

Local Recruiters, Employee Referrals, Self Applications, Service Providers

Interviews Schedule

Short listing resume as per available Openings triggers start of interviews.

Interviews mode: Telephonic, Skype, Web Ex, In Person

Phase 5: Interviews Clearance
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3

Starts with Basics  Questions related to Programming and automation scenarios

Contains Medium to Complex Level Problems need to be solved in context of Automation, Candidates ask to write code while attempting to provide solution

Asks to Explain End to End Framework development life cycles, design patterns, latest innovation, value additions towards project if selected 

Phase 6: Compensation Discussion, Visa Processing, Travel
Salary Negotiation

Salary discussion as per offered role, travel country, experience, interview performance.

Review Salary breakup and provide consent

Visa Processing

Sharing Invitation Letter by Employer or Placement agency to start Visa Processing at your local country. Every thing needs to be done online except travel to Embassy and get your passport stamped

Book Travel Tickets in consent with Employer, Get Relieving from current Job and Get Ready for Travel.

Model Completed. Mission Achieved.

Congratulations for Overseas Job.

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