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Learn Enterprise Level API Test Automation

Learn Enterprise Level API Test Automation program designed and developed in-house at Next Generation Automation keeping in mind career growth of QA Engineers.

  • ​Program enable QA Engineers to experience Enterprise Level API Test Automation while working on development of Demo Project during the program.​
  • Program includes both Framework and Test Development along with development of Sample API Project
  • Program helps in building developer mindset for QA Engineers and encourages QA Engineers for maximum hands-on code development during the program.
  • ​Each section offers source code sharing as covered in the particular section. Also, mentorship support will be made available while understanding any section of the program.​
  • Program uses technology / tool stack: Java, Spring Boot, Maven, Jackson, Rest Assured, GSON, Postman
Program Introduction
Program Introduction Video walks through Program details and how program different from any other available online courses to learn API test automation at enterprise level.
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Payment Section
  • Test Automation Framework Design, Development and Test Development using Java, Spring Boot, Maven, Rest Assured, GSON, Postman
  • Self Paced Online Videos to learn NGA in house developed API Test Automation Architecture
  • Work on Sample API Test Automation Project - Automate Hotel Search API Project using NGA Developed Automation Architecture
  • Modules Covered: Module 1, Module 2, Module 3
  • Course Fees:  25000 INR
  • Discounted Price: 7500 INR (70% Discount) - Limited Period Pricing
  • Weekend Batches: Saturday and Sunday (3 PM to 5 PM IST)
  • Course Duration: 4 Weeks
Prerequisite Required
  • Basic Knowledge Java
  • Basic Knowledge TestNG
  • Basic Knowledge Maven
Framework Architecture
Framework Architecture Video walks through Framework Architecture to be developed at code level. It describes major framework components along with functionality provided to execute API test automation at enterprise level