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EU Overseas Hiring Model
Apply Automation QA Job Openings

  • Submit your resume separately for every published Job Opening.
  • Mention: Reference Next Generation Automation under header section of your resume for maximum shortlisting gains.
  • Select Translate to English if any opening get open in language other than English.

NGA Premium members browse available job openings, Click Here.

Become NGA Premium Member and apply for all available Job Openings from Overseas Employers at Next Generation Automation Jobs Board.

Subscription Packages:

3 Months Membership Plan:                              1999 INR (Unlimited apply)

6 Months Membership Plan:                             2999 INR (Unlimited apply)

To purchase NGA EU Jobs Board subscription, Scan below QR Code.


Once done with payment kindly send payment screenshot at

NGA Jobs link premium will be activated with in 24 Hours along with complimentary benefits:
a) NGA Book Bank,
b) NGA Whitepapers,

c) 1-1 Meeting for 1 Hour duration to share best experiences how to chase job opportunities from Overseas Employers with minimum effort.
d) Support for Resume and Cover letter preparation for maximum shortlisting gains

NGA Premium members browse available job openings, Click Here.

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