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Why Choose Us ?

01. For QAs, By QAs

Next Generation automation is dedicated to the betterment of QA engineers. The company was founded with the vision of helping QA engineers spread all across the globe. Our services include Overseas Placements, Mentorship and Software Test Automation Learning.

02. Act Fast, Grow Fast

Next Generation automation believes in the Act Fast, Grow Fast style. As automation adoption increases across IT, companies are starting to hire automation engineers across the globe to fulfill the automation needs of complex business applications. As a result, QA engineers who act fast and start learning the latest testing tools, technologies, and automation frameworks as guided by the Next Generation Automation Academy grow fast in their careers and very soon become part of overseas-located companies.

03. Learn Global, Become Global

QA engineers who start putting significant efforts into learning tools and technologies that are very much in demand globally will soon become global, as guided by the Global Next Generation Automation Team. The NGA "Overseas Hiring Model" is dedicated to connecting QA engineers directly with employers located in countries like Germany, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Hungary, and many others. 

04. Network Fast, Expand Fast 

Next Generation Automation believes networking plays a key role for the benefit of QA engineers. This makes the Global Next Generation Automation team spend significant efforts in building networking with global recruiters, product companies, and service companies that helps Next Generation Automation expand fast in multiple geographies and multiple countries to generate the best quality QA Automation Jobs and very attractive salary packages for QA Engineers.

05. Young QAs Growth, Expert QAs Growth

Next Generation Automation Mentorship Program connects QA engineers who are learning automation with expert QA engineers. QA engineers can discuss problems faced while working on live projects along with the required support to build complex test solutions as per client requirements.

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