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Why it's important when you perform Automation Testing, you should not perform manual testing?

Why it's important when you perform Automation Testing, you should not perform manual testing same time?

Read my detailed experience sharing in this post.

Most Companies these days ask testers to split the day into 2 parts:

Part 1: Manual Testing

Part 2: Automation Testing

This practice looks very good on paper but in real projects, it's not going to work so easily unless you are extra ordinary talented while at work.

It's always recommended you should perform functional and automation on a week-to-week basis rather than combining both on any given day.

The situation is similar you are dating 2 ladies same time and when you date 1st lady you think about 2nd lady and when you date with 2nd lady you think about 1st lady.

Combining both functional and automation test every day not only makes your day hectic but also significantly impact your productivity while at work.

While I perform automation for any of my clients, I make sure there should not be any other tasks with me same time. The more I try to multi-tasking, the more difficult for me to deliver the best quality code.

And if this happens to me, it can happen to most QA Engineers in real-time.

The approach I followed is as below:

Assuming I need to functional test 200 test cases and do automation for 50 test cases.

I make sure first I execute 50 test cases that are part of automation in functional tests. And if 50 test cases are subsets then I accordingly divide my automation development into multiple phases depending on my functional test execution.

I find myself more engaged in the later part of the week, so most times I start the week with a manual testing on Monday to Wednesday and Thursday and Friday focusing only on automation in any given week. And in some scenarios, I stretch the work during the weekend as I am already in automation flow at the end of Friday.

Again, it varies from the QA Engineer's perspective on how he can plan his work but whatever works with me effectively while working with major clients like Mercedes-Benz, Germany and many others I have mentioned the same as part of this post.

If you need any guidance for anything related to testing, you can send me a mail at I will try to respond to your query whenever I get some time.


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