Overseas Hiring Model

As part of Global Placements, Next Generation Automation Team running "Overseas Hiring (Earlier Go Europe)" Model which helps QA Automation Engineers to get selected for direct overseas employment contracts from employers located across United States and Europe region.

Complimentary  NGA  Book Bank    for every   3  months   registration

1 Month Support: (Unlimited Platform browsing)

Apply for more than 100+ Jobs shortlisted 

Original Price: 1999 INR

Offered Price: 999 INR

3 Months Support: (Unlimited Platform browsing)

Apply for more than 100+ Jobs shortlisted 

Original Price: 4999 INR

Offered Price: 2499 INR

How Overseas Hiring Model works for career growth of QA Automation Engineers?
Phase 1: Registration

Interested QA Automation Engineers looking to work direct for Overseas Employers get registered after paying registration fees as per prevailing rates at time of registration. Current Service Fees 999 INR for 1 month support & 2499 INR for 3 Months Support that includes NGA Book Bank free download. Payment link above.

Once done with payment, Your account for Job Apply URL get activated and you will get mail about account activation in next 24 hours. Please sign up at website to let your account activated.

Phase 2: Resume / Cover Letter Upgrade 

Every registered member will get PDF guide to create better resume along with Sample Resume and Sample Cover Letter. Members can refer the documents shared to update resume and cover letter.

Members can contact NGA if they need any support in this phase.

Phase 3: Resume & Cover Letter Upload for shared job openings

Registered member needs to browse all shared job openings available on portal daily / weekly basis and apply separately for each job opening matching his skill. NGA make sure good number of job openings published every week and every member get chance to showcase his technical skills to overseas employers.

Phase 4: Shortlisting and Scheduling interviews

Based on resume and cover letter submission, members will get notification mails from employers about shortlisting status. Every shortlisted member will be gone through interview process as per employer interview standards and schedule for same notified by employer.

Phase 5: Interviews Clearance

Shortlisted members will be gone through multiple interview rounds that include coding assignments, discuss about basic concepts and advance subject knowledge.

Success in all interview rounds required to get offer letter.

Typical Interview process as below:

Phase 6: Salary Discussion & Joining Date

Once a candidate cleared all interview rounds, he will get an offer letter in USD / EU currency along with contract duration if offered a job on contract.


Job Contract mentions salary offer on hourly / weekly / monthly or milestone achieved basis along with other terms and conditions as per Employer business standards and code of conduct.


Candidate based on his expectations provide acceptance to the offer shared at the earliest along with possible joining date.​ 

Members can contact NGA if they need any support in this phase w.r.t offered salary and negotiate joining date with employer.

Phase 7: Visa Processing & Travel Client Location

Due to global pandemic, Most Employers looking to let candidates work remotely​ at this point of time but depending on employment contract signed, You need to travel Client location in future.


Visa processing and Relocation support will be made available from Employer directly with the help of 3rd Party Immigration consultants in future based on candidate performance and project criticality.