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Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program from Next Generation Automation

As new technologies get introduced into Automation, it's very important to stay update and relevant as per needs of IT.

Considering same we are launching our new program at Next Generation Automation for betterment of QAs.


Program Name: Mentorship

Fees Priced at 30000 INR for 1 year support

Offered Discount 50 Percent as new launch

Actual Fees 14999 INR for 1 year support

Program features:

1. Understand your current QA skills
2. Build road map what new skills need to add as per today's IT needs
3. Add time lines for every area selected as part of road map
4. Free registration of 3 Automation top performing paid Udemy Courses designed to learn automation covers Web Automation, API Automation and Mobile Automation
5. Every course you will be guided if stuck any technical challenges while learning from the course
6. Weekly connects where you can come with your doubts and discuss same with your assigned mentor.
7. Advance level concepts, learning 1 to 1 or in a group once done with basic courses through NGA Live streaming platform
8. Complete support on mail or phone for any technical issues resolution
9. Support for Automation of complex real world sample scenarios and developed framework enhancement as learn from Udemy Courses to get more confidence and let QA chase high growth automation jobs all across globe.

Eligibility Criteria: Minimum 2 years as Manual QA and strong motivation to turn your career as per today's IT needs.

You will get Certification of Completion from Next Generation Automation Academy after 1 Year which you can add in your resume under reference section helpful for your next job search with Next Generation Automation connected network both India and Overseas.

Join today. Let the revolution begin for your better Career and achieve financial freedom for rest of your life.

Payment can be made directly as per link mentioned below. Once you done with payment, send payment details Your Name, Email Address, Mobile Number at Your Program get started with in 24 Hours of schedule payment confirmation.

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