Appium Interview Questions & Answers

Question: Explain What Is Appium?

Answer :

Appium is a freely distributed open source mobile application UI testing framework.

Question: Which Language Should I Use To Write My Tests?

Answer :

This is probably the best thing about Appium: you can write your tests in any language. Since Appium is nothing more than an HTTP server, a test which needs to be interfaced with Appium can simply use HTTP libraries to create HTTP sessions. You just need to know the Selenium protocol in order to compose the right commands and that's it!

However, as you can imagine, there are already some libraries doing this for the most common languages and development frameworks out there: C#, [dotnet], [java], Ruby, [python] and Javascript are just few examples; and they all are open source projects.

Question: What Type Of Tests Are Suitable and Not Suitable For Appium?

Answer :

When it comes to testing, especially webview-based apps, there are a lot of scenarios that can be tested also depending on the feature coverage you want to ensure. Appium is pretty handy for testing scenarios that users will go through when using your app.

But if you need to test more than UX simple interactions, then Appium will become a limitation. Think about features like keyboarding. It is not so easy when complex touch/keyboard mixed scenarios are involved, the probability of a false failure is high; do not misunderstand me on this: I am not saying it is impossible to do, just not so easy as you might think!

Another little nightmare with Appium is exchanging data. When your test needs to exchange data with your app (especially in the incoming direction), you will need to play some tricks. So always consider that sending and receiving information is not that straightforward. It is not Appium's fault, the WebDriver specification was designed for automating stuff, not exchanging data!

Question: List Out The Appium Abilities?

Answer :

Appium abilities are:

  • Test Web

  • Provides cross-platform for Native and Hybrid mobile automation

  • Support JSON wire protocol

  • It does not require recompilation of App

  • Support automation test on physical device as well as similar or emulator both

  • It has no dependency on mobile device.

Question: List Out The Pre-requisite To Use Appium?

Answer :

Pre-requisite to use APPIUM is:


  • JDK

  • TestNG

  • Eclipse

  • Selenium Server JAR

  • Webdriver Language Binding Library

  • APPIUM EXE for Windows

  • APK App Info

Question: What About Performance impact while running tests using Appium?

Answer :

Appium is not a huge application and requires very little memory. Its architecture is actually pretty simple and light as Appium acts like a proxy between your test machine and each platform automation toolkit. Once up and running, Appium will listen to HTTP requests from your tests; when a new session is created, a component in Appium's Node.js code called _proxy_ will forward these Selenium commands to active platform drivers.

In the case of Android for example, Appium will forward incoming commands to the [chromedriver] (90% of cases, Appium will not even change commands while routing them), this happens because ChromeDriver supports WebDriver and Selenium. For this reason Appium will not allocate much memory itself, you will see a lot of memory being allocated by other processes like [adb], ChromeDriver or the iOS automation toolkit (called by Appium while testing and automating).

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Question: What Platforms Are Supported?

Answer :

Appium currently supports Android and iOS, no support for Windows unfortunately.

Question: Do I Need A Server Machine To Run Tests On Appium?

Answer :

No! Appium promotes a 2-tier architecture where a test machine connects to a test server running Appium and automating the whole thing. However this configuration is not mandatory, you can have Appium running on the same machine where your test runs. Instead of connecting to a rem