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As part of Project's Execution, Next Generation Automation Team running "Synergize Testing Efforts" Model that helps in building synergy between Client which will be Product Company holding number of business applications and Testing Service Provider.

How "Synergize Testing Efforts" Model works?
Phase 1: Registeration NG Automation with Client
Leads Generation
Leads Follow Up

NG Automation networking channels generates Leads that defines opportunities to be chase for potential wins. Major leads where team work comes from Fortune 500 US Companies.

Every generated Lead which gets shortlisted, reviewed thoroughly by Projects Team to understand Client Requirements, Tools, Technologies expectations while building automation stack.

Projects team approach Client with Company presentation and capabilities deck to request for registration. Once registered, NG Automation start receiving all RFP's generated by Client for outsourcing.

Phase 2: Registeration Product Company with NG Automation
Request Capabilities Deck
Review Capabilities Deck

NG Automation request for Capabilities Deck from Testing vendor who would like to associated with NG Automation Team. Deck includes automation solutions where vendor holds expertise along with case studies

NG Automation review Capabilities Deck containing multiple solutions stack where vendor holds expertise. Also NG Automation suggests new solutions development considering client future requirements for testing 


Review which get passed triggers registration of Vendor with NG Automation and any new Client RFP's get shared with Vendor to propose potential solution as per Client requirements and expectations. 

Phase 3: Client raise Request for Testing Proposal to NG Automation
RFP Creation

Client based on his project needs, create Request for Testing Proposal document describing his test requirements, scope of work, technical stack that includes testing tools, programming language and other required information as needed. 

RFP Circulation

Client share the Request for Testing Proposal Document with NG Automation Projects team & mention time lines to initiate discussions and proposal walk through describing client requirements


NG Automation Projects team prepare Q&As document, adding all the Questions that helps to understand client requirements in detail and helps NGAutomation in searching potential testing vendor matching client needs.

Phase 4: NG Automation understand Proposal and look for testing service provider
Proposal Deep Walkthrough
Discuss with Service Provider
Service Provider Finalization

NG Automation at this point start preparing analysis documents based on Q&As about proposal and start contacting Testing Vendors having capabilities match as per the proposal fulfilling client testing needs.

NG Automation share requirements specification with testing vendors

about solution which need to be proposed as part of Capabilities deck and start evaluating multiple solutions as proposed by different vendors.

NG Automation finalize top 2 to 3 solutions which can be discussed with client. These solutions cover tools, technology, architecture, testing scope, programming language, team ramp up, project timelines, costing and other data as needed.

Phase 5: First Level Presentation by NG Automation to Client
High Level Presentation

NG Automation take time slot of client and give high level presentation about solution which best fit for client test requirements. Any feedback noted and required modifications done in consent with testing vendor.

Detailed Presentation

NG Automation give detailed presentation describing more about solution along with case studies as per the past work done by Testing vendor with other clients.

Phase 6: Second Level Presentation by NG Automation in associaton with Testing Service Provider to Client
Case Studies

NG Automation and Testing Vendor give architecture level presentation to Client describing major components that needs to be developed as part of offering & also propose integration plugins with other tools as needed.

NG Automation and Testing Vendor give detailed walk through about case studies architectures which developed earlier as part of offering covering depth of solution and expertise level achieved by Testing Vendor.

Proof of Concept Demos

NG Automation and Testing Vendor give Proof of Concept Demo describing how effectively proposed solution can work for Sample Applications which are of similar nature as developed by Customer.

Phase 7: Finalization Scope of Work, Project Duration, Work Location
Scope of Work

On award of Project to NG Automation and Testing Vendor, finalize scope of work that includes test deliverables, application test coverage, regression test strategy, test release frequency, number of test scripts to be developed

Project Duration
Work Location

Once Scope of Work gets finalized, discussions start for Project Duration as per agreed test deliverables, number of test scripts to be automated and other test support that need to be made available as per client needs.

Work Location decided in this phase as per mutal consent between Client and Testing Vendor, Accordingly Testing Vendor share billing rates as per the proposed team structure either at onsite or offshore.

Phase 8: Finalization Financials and Billing Invoice Terms and Conditions
Financials Finalize
Billing T&C's

Based on Work location, Scope of Work, Project Duration final costing sheet shared with Client for his approval. Invoice generation criteria also defined to make sure testing vendor get timely payments.

Billing Terms and Conditions decided once Costing gets done. Adherence to Terms and Conditions will be reviewed periodically by NGAutomation for best interests of both Testing vendor and client.

Phase 9: Project Execution by Testing Service Provider
Team OnBoarding

Testing Vendor start on boarding the team members into project and take help from NGAutomation if any external hiring needed. Resource capability matrix designed to on board QA engineers as per project need.

Project Execution

Testing vendor start executing the project as per proposed solution to client, set up internal review team for deliverable's and make sure project executes as per set time lines and any deviations to be notified.

Phase 10: Periodic reviews by NG Automtion for deliverables including Architecture, Framework, Test Scripts as per set milestones 
1st Review

Multiple reviews done by NGAutomation team to make sure Testing vendor on right track, Reviews including Framework reviews, Testing strategy review, Developed scripts review and Milestone achieve review

2nd Review

Reviews will be done as per set milestones and multiple reviews can be done with in same milestone if there is any feedback from Client or Testing Vendor team face any execution challenges and need expert help.

Phase 11: Final Review by NG Automation & Project Handover by Testing Service Provider to Client
Final Review

Final review done by NG Automation and Client together to make sure deliverable's are of best quality. All testing scripts must be maintainable and proper project documentation must be available.

Project Handover

Once sign off given by NG Automation and Client, project ready to be delivered and deployed as per client business needs, any project renewals or future support discussed as per needs of client.

Project's Execution

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