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Detailed Course Contents:

1. Introduction about Soap UI tool and Web Services?

  • What is Soap UI?

  • Why soap UI for Web service Testing?

  • Soap UI Features and benefits.

  • What is Web services and scope of Web services & Testing.

  • Why Web services Testing in needed? And Real Time Example

  • SOAP model and Architecture

  • Soap UI IDE


2. Introduction about XML and Schema Validation

  • What is XML?

  • Schema validation in XML on SoapUI

  • Schema types and Binding

  • XML Messages

  • Soap Formats and soap Envelope (Headers+Body+Message)

  • XML and Soap

WSDL Basics

3. WSDL Explanation

  • About WSDL URL, WSDL Import

  • About Port Types and Soap binding Interface and Address of binding

  • Soap UI Test Structure

  • What is END Point?

  • Under standing WSDL

  • Web service explorer

Validating Web Service Response for SOAP API

4. Assert And Validating the Response Output

  • Manual Verification

  • Response Validating using Assert Class


5. Status Codes

  • Response validation based on the status codes

  • Find out Errors with Error codes


6. Sample Project Creation in Soap UI (Testing Scope)

  • Create new project in soap UI

  • Project import and export

  • Interface the WSDL URL , Binding from WSDL list to Soap UI

  • Create sample Request

  • Test suite and test case preparation

  • Message Passing and Getting Response

  • Verify the Response output

  • Functional Testing

  • Manually adding the Parameters in XML request

Validating Web Service Response for REST API

7. Learn REST API

  • REST API Concepts


  • Practical Example on GET and POST

  • Add Place Post HTTP Example using SOAP UI

  • End to End Test with SoapUI features on POST Http API

8. REST API Automation Testing with SOAPUI

  • JSON Script Assertion 

  • Parsing the JSON responses for API validation

  • Examples on REST API Automation with JSON as response

  • Examples on REST API Automation with XML as response

  • JSON Path extraction from responses

  • JSON Assertions on parsed responses

  • Advanced examples on JSON Assertions

Database Testing

9. Database Testing with SoapUI

  • Database Concepts

  • Creating Database from scratch

  • SoapUI JDBC Connection

  • SQL Queries Testing with SOAP UI Features

  • SQL Builder - Soap UI Pro

Security Testing

10. Security Testing with SOAP UI

  • List of Security Threats

  • Security Test Cases

  • Security Testing - Practical Example

Other materials provided along with the Selenium training

  • PDF files, PPT files as walk through during classroom

  • Life time access to training recorded videos covering Complete Module and Framework development

  • Sample code as developed during classroom

  • Support for overseas placements in association with Global Next Generation Automation

Web Services Testing SoapUI

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