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As part of Global Placements, Global Next Generation Automation Team is running "Grow India" Model that helps QA Engineers to find job opportunities across multiple locations in India that include 6 major IT cities: Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Noida & Gurgaon

Subscription required for specific services like How to increase resume shortlisting rate, Mock interview, Career guidance, NGA Book Bank, Resume and Cover Letter preparation guidance. To subscribe for  paid service send  expression of interest

To Register, Kindly Click Login/SignUp Button
How Grow India Model works for the betterment of QA Engineers?
Stage 1 (Free): Helps connecting QA Automation Engineers direct with employers.
Click here to browse limited Job openings available for public view.
Stage 2 (Paid): Guidance for Resume & Cover letter preparation, Support for Interview Clearance both technical and behavioral. Also involves sharing Jobs visible to less than 5% Job Seekers. Also includes Next Generation Automation Book Bank comprising multiple E Books along with source code worth 4999 INR as complimentary.
Paid stage require subscription. Fees 06 Months: 4999 INR, 12 Months: 7499 INR
Click below link to buy paid subscription
Stage 3 (Paid): Guidance for Salary Negotiation and 100% joining assurance from Employer. Next Generation Automation make sure Candidate join the employer even during unavoidable scenarios.
More information about how QA Engineers chase dream Automation QA Job:
Stage Alpha: Resume sharing with Next Generation Automation shortlisted employers
Resume Sharing

Increase visibility of your resume across employers who actively hiring high skilled QA / Automation engineers. QA need to browse all shared Job openings at platform and apply as per skills match

Interviews Schedule

Short listing resume as per available Openings triggers start of interviews.

Interviews mode: Telephonic, Skype, Web Ex, In Person

Stage Beta: Interviews Clearance
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3

Starts with Basics Questions related to Programming and automation scenarios

Contains Medium to Complex Level Problems need to be solved in context of Automation, Candidates ask to write code while attempting to provide solution

Asks to Explain End to End Framework development life cycles, design patterns, latest innovation, value additions towards project if selected 

Stage Gamma: Compensation Discussion, Final Offer Letter, Joining Date
Salary Negotiation
Final Offer Letter
Joining Date

Salary discussion as per offered role, experience, interview performance.

Review Salary breakup and provide consent

Final Offer Letter get generated based on QA consent to accept offered Salary and Job Location as per offered role

QA share final Joining Date and email other requested information as required by Employer

Grow India Model

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