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Launch of Rewards Program from Next Generation Automation
Message from Founder:

As next step of growth, we would like to achieve with your support.


We have revised our fees structure starting Feb, 2020.


New Fees structure as below:


6 Months Support: 9999 INR (Discount 30%)

12 Months Support: 14999 INR (Discount 20%)


In order to let our model reach maximum QAs, we encourage you find QAs in your network who look for overseas placements and hold good Automation expertise.


For every 1 year successful enrollment that you do, you will be entitled for rewards program.


Under rewards program, you can either claim 15% commission from total fees paid or get Go Europe Model service free for 2 months for 12 months enrollment to chase Job Openings direct from Overseas employer.


You can explain the Go Europe Model to your network and encourage them to join the model by paying the fees as per link below:


On successful payment, please send email address and contact number of QA who have registered to verify the details and let us know you want rewards either in form of Money credit with Bank Transfer / Paytm details or Go Europe Model service.


Same will be done in next 48 Hours, once you share the details at

Ankur Chaudhry

Founder, Next Generation Automation

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