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4 Layer Modelling for QA Growth

4 Layer Modelling must for QA

Let's under stand how 4 Layer Modelling for QA can help them achieve new highs in their IT Career

Layer 1: Manual Testing

You need to understand testing principles in this phase that includes testing types, test case creation, test execution, test reporting and test management

Layer 2: Programming

Once you done with manual, start learning programming, Pick language you are passionate about, Some QAs like Java, Some QAs like C#, Some QAs like JavaScript and list goes on.

Layer 3: Tools and Technologies

Once you get hold of programming skills, next step is learn tools and technologies. All tools based on some programming language like Selenium works with Java,C#, Python and others, UFT works with VB Script, Test Complete works with JScript, Java Script and others, WebDriver IO works with Java Script, Machine Learning works with Python and R

Layer 4: Architecture

Whatever learn in Step 1,2,3 you need to apply in this layer and see how complex automation solutions can be generated when layers 1,2,3 get connected.

Learn every layer by heart, Next Generation Go Europe Model waiting for you to get on board shortly.

Thank You!

Ankur Chaudhry

Founder Next Generation Automation

Building better QA for tomorrow


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