Evaluation Criteria to Hire Automation QAs now a days

In this post, I will share 4 important parameters that every QA Engineer must worked before appearing for any Automation Interview:

Parameter1: Knowledge about Testing Tools

Automation, API Testing, Selenium, Rest Assured, Jmeter

We obsess on giving the best error and bug-free experience to our user. And therefore, you will be assessed on your skills in automation testing and using Frameworks like Selenium, Appium, Espresso to do so.

Parameter 2: Scenario Assessment

Automation Knowledge, Scenario Creation,Testing Concepts, Blackbox Testing Techniques, Linux basics. You will be assessed in detail on automation and on your ability to create positive/negative scenarios for testing. We also expect you to be well informed testing concepts like Blackbox testing techniques and Linux basics.

Parameter 3: Project Experience

Past Projects, Real Time Assessment, Simulation Exercise

After thoroughly assessing your testing skills, we will now deep dive into your previous projects and understand their synergy and relevance with the projects where we are working currently. We will also challenge you with some real time simulation exercises. Brace up for some testing, folks!

Parameter 4: Team Fitment

Behavioral Assessment, Culture Fit, Project Knowledge, Role Operation

Be yourself. It works out better for everyone if we're genuinely and can see if we're a cultural fit for each other. Everyone here is focused on our mission, so you should figure out what it is.


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