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Automation Architecture for Complex Business Applications

A Typical Automation Architecture for complex business application contain following major components:

1. Core Framework:

This Layer as automation developer, apply maximum automation design principles and contains functionality related to Driver Initialization, Utility or Helper Functions like Excel Reader, Data Base Reader, Report Generator, 3rd Party Integration Plugins Like ALM, Jira and Wrapper Functions for Open Source Libraries like Selenium, Appium, White UI

2. Page Object:

Every business application span across multiple pages and multiple modules. Its good practice to have page objects specific to every page and if page complexity high it can be further break up into multiple page objects

3. Work Flow Classes:

Work Flow Classes simulate multiple business operations and invoke multiple Page Objects to simulate business flows that span across multiples Pages or Modules.

4. Test Scripts:

Contains Test Methods that contain multiple work flow methods defined in work flow classes. 1 Test Method generate 1 test script that may be simiple, medium or complex as per business functionality need to be automated

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