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How to make IT Job more interesting?

IT Job looks very boring to many QA Engineers after few years of work and they start looking other areas for work. Which sometimes becomes better solution but many times such QA Engineers would like to join back IT Career.

In this post we will share you some of best strategies that let you make your Job more interesting and make you feel proud to be part of IT field.

1. Keep Note of all your daily tasks while at work

Start your day with pre defined tasks that you look to work at for rest day. This will keep you engaged with work and not feel like your job not worth.

2. Prioritize your tasks and update as needed

At middle of day, revisit your predefined tasks and do required prioritization if needed. Also keep most important tasks to complete at start of day and rest day assign tasks that not very important to execute with in same day.

3. Spend less time talking with your co workers other than work at office

Office defined for work and not for personal talks for longer periods of time. Avoid spending too much time with your co workers in talking about which does not relate to your work.

4. Add time slot for your learning every day

Learning key for any job success and for your career as well. Hence you must have time slot available every day for your learning.

5. Talk at least 10 mins and not more than 30 mins with your best co worker

Talking with co workers with whom you more comfortable not only strengthen your work relationship but also keep yourself motivated at work.

6. Take short breaks of 5 to 10 mins every 1 hr

Taking short breaks not only refresh you but also make your physically fit.

7. Take fresh air at least during lunch break for 10 to 15 mins

Fresh air very much needed for every human being and it not only refresh you but also stimulates your brain cells for executing complex tasks while at work. Also it helps you digest your lunch more easily and not let you feel sleepiness during post lunch hours at work.

8. Reward yourself after achieving small milestones

Don't wait for others to send you appreciation mail. If you feel very low while at work send yourself " You have done great job" when you achieve some thing at work.

It builds self confidence and let you be more productive at your work.

9. Don't shout during office hours.

Keep yourself calm and avoid any shouting. Shouting not only breaks your relationship with co workers at work but it also let you feel down as you need to spend 8 to 10 hours every day of your life same work area and need to work with same co workers to whom you have shouted some time back.

9. Keep your mobile phone in silent mode while at work

Smart phones become every one life style now a days. But when at work keep smart phone away and use only to accept any urgent calls from family or others. Avoid accepting calls at work like Personal Phones, Buy Credit Card, Buy Property, Buy Insurance, Buy Health Cover and others.

10. Avoid browsing personal websites during office hours unless urgent like paying utility bills or transferring monthly rents or things which very much needed to do

Browsing personal websites not only waste your time at work but if some one find you browsing personal web sites it also mark you as not effective worker in eyes of others.

If you really like browsing personal website come home right time and use your time at home to browse personal websites which you like.

11. Last love yourself and respect yourself

Never try to punish yourself if things not turning well in your job. Instead look for opportunities to improve. Even if you asked to quit the job that does not mean end of your life or your career.

Many employers today hire people who are immediate joiners and even willing to pay more salary than last drawn. So always have feeling of love and respect about yourself.

Treat your body well and have right eating habits and perfect sleep at night. Remember if you are healthy than only becomes wealthy.

Hope these best practices let you reward yourself in long run and you always feel proud at your work place. Also remember no company is big or small as all companies made of people only. Any company that treats you well and take care about your living cost timely in form of monthly cheques should always be loved and deserve your respect.

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