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Course Contents

Java Fundamentals

1. Introduction to java

  • What is java

  • Programming language hierarchy

  • Java files

  • Identifiers

  • Java Components naming standards

  • Java source file declaration rules

  • First Java program

2. Classes and Objects

  • Introduction to Classes and objects

  • Understanding Java Heap

  • Creating first Class and Object


3. Variables and Operators

  • Introduction to Variables and their data types

  • Primitive and Non-primitive variables

  • Variable Casting

  • Object references

  • Java Operators


4. Java Methods and their communication

  • Introduction to methods

  • Method arguments and return types

  • Pass by Value

  • Encapsulation

  • Getters and Setters

5. Loops and Arrays

  • If-else statement

  • While loop

  • Do-while loop

  • For loop

  • Enhanced for loop

  • Arrays – 1D and 2D

  • Reference in an array


6. Understanding Java-API

  • Understanding API using Array List

  • Array List fundamentals

  • Using Java Library

  • Using Packages

  • Using HTML- API docs


7. Inheritance and Polymorphism

  • Understanding inheritance and inheritance tree

  • Methods overriding and the rules

  • IS-A and HAS-A relationship

  • Super class Vs Subclass

  • Method Overloading

  • Access Modifiers

8. Abstract Classes and Interfaces

  • Abstract classes and methods

  • Mother of all classes – “Object class”

  • Polymorphic reference

  • Object reference casting

  • Deadly Diamond of Death

  • Interfaces and it’s implementation


9. Garbage Collection and Constructors

  • Concept of Stack and Heap

  • Methods and classes on Stack and Heap

  • Constructors

  • Constructor Overloading

  • Constructor chaining and this() keyword

  • Garbage collection eligibility Way

10. Statics and data formatting

  • Static methods, variables and constants

  • Math class and methods

  • Wrapper classes

  • Auto boxing

  • Data formatting and static imports

11. Exception handling

  • Risky java codes

  • Introduction to Java Exceptions

  • Catching exceptions using try/catch block

  • The finally block

  • Catching multiple exceptions

  • Handle or Declare law of exceptions

12. Serialization and file I/O

  • Saving objects state

  • Writing serialized object

  • I/O streams

  • Serializable interface

  • Deserialization

  • Java IO file

  • Reading/Writing a text file

13. Collections

  • Introduction to Java collections

  • Concept of generics

  • Lists

  • Sets

  • Map

  • Hashmap


14. Apache – POI

  • Introduction to Apache-POI

  • Reading data from MS Excel file using POI

  • Creating MS Excel file using POI

  • Manipulating Excel file data using POI

15. JDBC

  • JDBC concepts and terminology

  • JDBC package

  • Creating connection to a DataBase

  • Accessing and manipulating tables using JDBC

  • Sql statements


16. JUnit

  • Introduction to Java Framework

  • Annotations

  • Testing Java codes using JUnit

  • Test Cases creation

  • Creating Test Suite to test an application

Selenium Web Driver Course Content:

17. Introduction to Selenium WebDriver:

  • What is WebDriver

  • Exploring WebDriver java docs

  • Downloading WebDriver jar files

  • Open Google home page through WebDriver

  • Exploring more features of WebDriver

  • WebDriver Features & Examples

  • Handling HTML Elements such as: Text box, Hyperlinks, Submit buttons,

  • Radio buttons, Check boxes, Dropdown etc

  • Finding Elements & text on a Webpage

  • Printing all links and other values from a Webpage and HTML Elements

  • Using By class to find elements using different methods

  • Implement global wait

  • Running test in multiple browsers

  • Firefox profile

  • Running test in multiple profiles

18. WebDriver & advance features

  • Simulating keypress events such as buttons such as Enter, page up, pagedown, backspace etc.

  • Handling java script messages

  • Working with online captchas

  • Running the test with HTMLUnit driver

  • Online Webtables

  • Downloading and configuring chrome driver

  • How to find Xpaths through Chrome developer tool

  • Generating your own Xpaths

  • What if you don’t have firebug or firepath

  • Handling multiple pop ups/tabs in Chrome

  • Handling Mouse over Menus and Iframes

19. Ajax & Listeners:

  • How to handle Ajax based applications

  • Browser navigate methods

  • Listeners

  • Mouse movements

  • Explore action class mouseover method

  • Working with Javascriptexecutor

  • Drag and Drop

  • Resizable

  • Handling Sliders

20. Flash Testing with Selenium WebDriver :

  • What is flash/flex testing

  • Downloading and Installing flash jar file

  • Automating flash player

  • Using different call methods of YouTube flash player

TestNG Course Content:


  • About TestNG

  • TestNG Annotations

  • Executing the tests in sequence

  • Assertions

  • Error Collectors

  • How to parameterized our test case

  • Reading Excel files

  • Generating XSLT Reports

  • What is Maven

  • Configuring Maven

  • Running Selenium tests through Maven

  • Creating TestNG batch scripts for maven execution

Framework Development Course Content:

22: Automation Framework Implementation on a Live Project Covers end to end steps followed while creating the framework:

  • Test data files Creation

  • Test Core class which loads Xls file, initialize selenium web driver through code and do other initialization

  • file to store XPaths

  • Developing Page Classes 

  • Configuration files

  • Developing test scripts

  • Screenshot capturing

  • Emailing test results

  • Generating Reports

  • Generating Application and Selenium logs

  • Running framework automation through Maven


Other materials provided along with the Selenium training

  • PDF files, PPT files as walk through during classroom

  • Life time access to training recorded videos covering Complete Module and Framework development

  • Sample code as developed during classroom

  • Support for overseas placements in association with Global Next Generation Automation

Selenium with Java

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