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Important Update Go Europe Model
Dear Member,

The Go Europe Model gets started again under limited mode starting 01-Aug-2020.

As per earlier communication, we kept the model on hold starting 16-March-2020 because of an increase in COVID 19 cases all across Europe in quick time.

Hence period between 16-March-2020 till 30-July-2020 not considered either for 06 Months or 12 Months period paid membership.

Also, NGA giving you the option to either restart the services from 01-Jan-2021 or 01-Aug-2020.

Reason for same as below:

1. The Model will pick up full momentum in the next 4 to 6 months as markets across the EU region recover gradually.
2. Many Employers looking to hire from a pool already available in EU markets and priority will be given to overseas candidates there after.
3. Once you get selected, you might need to support the project execution from India for sometime till you get your visa processed from Employer.

But we like to keep the decision to re-start the service on you. Kindly confirm whether you want to get the Job Updates starting 01-Aug-2020 or 01-Jan-2021.
Accordingly your paid membership will get restarted. In case of no reply, your paid membership automatically gets restarted on 01-Aug-2020.

Email to confirm membership restart:

Also this time we are planning to share the Job Openings directly through our platform and more details on how to apply will be shared with you shortly.

With this I look forward to your exciting career journey as QA Engineer in support with Next Generation Automation.

Good Luck!

For any queries, please contact NGA at

Ankur Chaudhry
Founder, Next Generation Automation


Important Update Go Europe Model

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