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How Channel Routing shapes your IT Career in long run?

Everyone want to grow in IT but there are very few people who reach the top and rest either stuck in between or take early breaks from IT Career.

In this article we will help the readers to understand how channel routing especially during early phases of your career can determine your rest phase of your career.

As per 20:80 rule, if anyone consider average IT Career 40 years and if someone take right steps during initial 8 years he or she able to shape rest 32 years of Career at right track.

Hence Channel Routing plays very important role to let you achieve path of success.

What is Channel Routing?

Channel routing is methodology which once applied deliver excellent results for your set goals. It considers N number of routes while determine best channel to reach your set goal and once applied it select best channel from all the available channels which anyone created earlier combining multiple routes.

Lets Understand same with Real World Example:

Mr. Chandra travel his office every day via 1 channel consisting of number of small routes in between. Initially Mr. Chandra was very happy as his selected channel let him reach office with out any extra time. But 1 monsoon impacted his life like anything. 1 route thats part of his channel developed deep potholes and around 4 KM route broken from 20 KM route which he used to travel daily to reach his office.

This made Mr. Chandra forced to spend extra 30 minutes everyday on road and same time he had to bear cost of more fuel and more wear and tear of his car. Mr. Chandra got very upset because of this and since he did not have any other option so he continued follow same channel every day.

One day traffic was too bad that it makes Mr. Chandra to reached office 2 Hours compare to his average travel time of 35 minutes to reached office. Mr. Chandra started crying reaching office and started asking himself why I punished so hard when I had no fault.

On closer analysis it looks Mr. Chandra never take advantage of Channel routing methodology and sticking follow 1 channel with predefined routes only.

Than 1 day Mr. Chandra suddenly got idea let me explore available routes reaching my office. But how to discover different routes its not easy task to discover best route as he is living in Metro city. Than one of his friend suggested why not you take help of Google Maps and check if any new routes available from your home to office.

Mr. Chandra got excited hearing this and said no harm in trying his friend advice. He was already following most horrible route what worst more can be done other than this.

Once Mr. Chandra open Google Maps and enter his home as starting point and office as end point he surprised to see 3 months back Road Transport Team has developed 1 more route that helps him reaching his office by saving 3 KMS and same time he now ride his car on new road with out any path roles.

And Mr. Chandra next day turn ON Google Maps and follow the route as suggested by Google Maps. He avoid any distractions in between and to his surprise his 50 minutes travel time reduce to 25 minutes time now and this time even less than what he used to spend 1 year back.

Here Google Maps act as Mentor for him and not only show him right path but also let him travel with out any distractions and make his life lot more easier.

Same way IT Career works for any Engineer. There are N number of channels always can be made combining multiple routes but which one to follow and how to push your career on fast track only handful engineers able to do it.

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