Interview Success Tips

To be successful during interview never an easy task as it requires not just technical skills but lot of other factors which you need to work well before interview. This blog helps every QA understand best strategies / tips that need to be worked at well before you set yourself for any interview whether Domestic or Overseas.

#1. Knowledge about Company Business

Always do your homework well before walking into an interview. Make sure you have complete knowledge about the company and the role.

Collect the basic facts about the company. This includes what kind of business they do, in what all areas they operate, how old are they, etc.

Read the job description very carefully and check if you fit into the role. You should apply for the job only if the job description matches your profile.

Get to know about the company culture. To do this, you can check reviews of the company over glassdoor website or you can visit ‘About us’ section on the company’s website.

Also, identify some the major competitors of the company and figure out what sets this company apart from its competitors.

#2. Know yourself

Remember the first impression is the last impression. Demonstrate your capabilities and qualities and how well you can serve them. Don't be overconfident and aggressive. Research yourself, ask yourself what your objectives are, what short-term & long-term goals you have, know your CV and prepare your answers.

#3. Competency and Transferable skills Knowledge

You should know your competency and transferable skills. Competency skills are the skills matching your job profile and transferable skills are the ones which you have acquired through other jobs and personal activities.

Employers typically use some of the following as their key competencies:

Top Technical Skills



Commitment to career

Commercial awareness

Career motivation




Trustworthiness & Ethics

Results orientation



#4. Be Clear

Be clear about what you want to achieve in life and about your career objective. It will keep you focused and perform better during interview.

Never bluff, include all your relevant skills and experience to give you a competitive edge.

#5. Technical Preparation

Prepare well for an interview. You can make notes of interview questions which are most likely to be asked. Practice your answers. This will boost your confidence.

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