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Helps QA understand common problems faced by QAs all around globe and best solutions or suggestions provided by Next Generation Automation Founder Mr. Ankur Chaudhry to mitigate same.

Dialogue 1:

Reply from Ankur Chaudhry:

Hi Mr. ABC,

You need to understand neither Selenium or Cypress survives you in longer run if I say 10 years to 20 years road map. What you need to learn at this point of time how to be versatile in your experience. No company today's time wanted to hire someone if he only knows Selenium. You should have knowledge of number of tools be selenium, cypress, appium, api test automation, Desktop automation and list goes. I know it looks difficult to learn so many tools, but if you promise yourself everyday 2 hours you have to give for your self growth or lets say 10 hrs in 1 week need to spend for my growth you will find in 2 to 3 years time frame you know so many tools and technologies and you combine them all together or some of them as per business needs and provide solution to your clients.

And that's the point you have to look at. If you not set the target right time, very difficult to reach the level that I have mentioned above.

It requires consistent effort and determination to learn so many technologies, tools but you have to do it for your survival and grow as an QA. Some time we have to do things in life not by choice but by force and here force is to achieve financial freedom and earn till you reach age 60+.

It's sad when QAs mentioned they unable to find jobs as per their expectation and many of them have to spend some time at home due to not right job openings which they can pick.

At NextGenerationAutomation, We have launched recently our program Mentor ship. This program helps you convert Manual to Automation and from Automation to Intelligent QA. Its very versatile program that will generate learning habits in you with right strategy, right effort and right timings. If you have not visited, must visit the link once and if find promising you can get register.

Wish you good luck!

Take Care.



Dialogue 2:

Reply from Ankur Chaudhry:

Hi Mr. ABC,

Being experienced always make your survival difficult in IT, lets accept this fact.

But trust still IT needs experience folks and its all about us how we take things as we grow old in IT.

I suggest you look for roles that talks more about individual contribution as QA that may be related to chasing new business if you have passion for sales or look for solution development roles like building automation utilities, architectures and devops.

Just Test management jargon not working now a days and dont let your resume talks you are test manager kind of person.

Let put effort in understanding new technologies like ML, Data science and how QA can be benefited from same. Build your own prototypes if you have time.

This will boost your confidence and let you chase better job openings.

Survival in business very risky now a days and you have to accept the fact that only 1 to 2% tech business profitable in long run and rest shut down. So plan your efforts accordingly.

Wish you good luck.

Thanks, Ankur

Dialogue 3:

Reply from Ankur Chaudhry:

Hello Mr. XYZ,

Sad to hear about this and trust what ever happened with you get happen every day with job workers all around the world. So first thing you have to do is just stop worry about your current situation and let your focus move from your office conditions to your self growth. Look at opportunities that are available outside in your domain and accordingly start working for your betterment. A Job worker who consider both his self growth and employer growth same time never feel worried anytime in his or her career.

Also you need not to take any decision in hurry at this point of time. Keep yourself cool and calm. Don't let yourself in arguments with your colleagues even if they are not favoring you much. Set your target and move towards it slowly and steadily every day.

When you work hard and believe in your capabilities you definitely get good returns in your life, not all days same and surely day will come in your life when you feel proud about your work place and about people with whom you work.

Remember you can change yourself but never change people around you.

Wish you good luck.

Take Care.

Thank You!

Ankur Chaudhry

Founder Next Generation Automation


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